Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Clearance

It's that wonderful time of year....time to clean the closets around the house and especially the craft room! This daunting project is prompting me to make some deep mark downs on some of my jewelry items in my Etsy shop. Time make room for new pretty beads ~ hooray!

Here are some example sale items:

Big Amethyst Crystal Coin Earrings

Diamante Dark Gray Swarovski Pearl Earrings

Yarrow Fields Handmade Clay Pendant Necklace

Back to the cleaning routine! I've promised myself a tidy and organized jewelry studio by the end of the month. It may well take that long to get there!

Cheers to all! Jenni


  1. i feel like we just cleaned and organized and are now back to square one... I guess we need to start all over again ;) all so lovely, especially heart the grey pearls :)

  2. Thanks Annie! yes, it seems like the clearning and organizing never ends! Now...if I could just get the motivation to work on cleaning the craft room!