Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old Lady Perfume, A Tale to Lighten my Mood.

It's been more than a tough week in my little community. Our Chief of Police, was killed in the line of duty and in a town with 1800 residents, there's just no way you aren't affected by this. I've worked directly with our Chief in my role as a community volunteer and as a social worker in the county. I have the priveldge of working with some of his children, directly in my office and in the community as some of them serve as law enforcement officers. It's like a member of my own family has been senselessly taken from us.

So, as I was suffering the blues I created a blue inspired treasury on Etsy (I's pretty) and took a trip to the tiny mall in the neighboring town.

I'm getting low on my favorite perfume and I was set on getting more my dismay....I discovered that my longtime favorite perfume had been moved to...gasp...the old lady perfume shelf!!!! I was dumbfounded, surely this was a mistake. My dear 'Amarige' next to...'White Shoulders'? Really!? with 'Poison' poised close by? Say it ain't so!

I looked the perky teenage salesgirl next to me and said, 'let's see about finding a new scent'.

To make matters worse, I dropped by the 'Clinique' counter to see about something for these increasingly visible lines around my eyes. I turn 35 this year and it's all gone to hell.

Well, I found a new perfume, got that wrinkle cream and left the mall with my head held high. (Just don't look too close at my hairline..I'm desperately in need of a hair color job as my roots, sprinkled in gray, are showing!)

I guess this weekend needs to be dedicated to some care of the heart and clearly...body.



  1. Hey Jenni, It is so sad about your Police Chief what an absolutely senseless waste of life. I am sure the community is pulling tog. to support the family, it is at times like these that we realize how important our communities are.

    Oh I laughed "Old Lady" perfume shelf who makes that decision. I hadn't even heard of it before :)

    That is awesome news that you might be moving to Willamette which is just down the hill from me :) Although we are wanting to downsize and move to P.Town but that may never happen. I love our home but it is too much work but I think it might be more work to move, who knows :)

    Anyway, have a lovely day, T, :)

  2. Jen- you are in our hearts, I am so sorry for you and your communities loss :( (P.S. you are not deserving of any "old lady" perfume, I saw your long beautiful blonde hair at the Christmas Eve party... pretty mamma ;) )