Saturday, January 1, 2011

A look back on the past decade and thinking of dreams ahead.

Happy New Year, let the new decade begin! I find myself reflecting on the past decade, wondering where time has gone and in the end, feeling pleased with where I am as I venture into these new times.

As we rang in 2001, I was suffering the blues. I'd passed the quarter century mark to find myself divorced and my own immediate family splintered. I was working in the software industry, slaving away for some man, selling the idea of what something 'could' do and I was quite dissatisfied overall.

The following few years found me floundering in singledom, continuing to slave away in software sales and on the whole, completely ignoring the little voices in my head that reminded me I desired to step off that track and walk a different, softer path and allow myself the freedom to express my creative side.

Mid-decade, I was blessed. I found a partner for life and experienced for the first time, a romance that was fueled by friendship, laughter and love. An unselfish love. We have been blessed additionally by two darling children and a life, that is focused on family.

This next decade will challenge us to make some difficult decisions and sacrifices both professionally and financially in order to relocate and provide our children with better educational opportunities and have family close by.

I know that I have had to experience the lows in the past decade to cherish the highs..the sweetness of the life I lead now. I wouldn't change any of it; I would walk the exact same path in order to end up here, with my loved ones.

I await with eagerness at what the road ahead will bring and I cherish the moments of today.

Future plans for DutchTouchBeads includes more 'Rustic Chic' designs and a new shop, dedicated to my passion for beads and my determination to become self employed.

Wishing all of you a wonderful New Year filled with joy of all things possible!
Cheers, Jenni


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Jenni my dear blogger Buddy :)

    I got a little teary, I must say, when I read your post, I understand the ups and downs of moving and raising a family distant from extended family to pursue greater educational opportunities for our children and the sacrifices that go with.

    Of course, right now as the economy is challenged we are constantly questioning the expense of higher education.

    I look at the adorable photo of your little ones and know you have their best interests at heart and balancing everything is a challenge.

    But they come joyfully home and the rewards are beyond measure :)

    Wishing you all well in 2011 :) Regards, T. :)

  2. T ~ Happy New Year, my blogging pal! I've appreciated all of your kind comments this past year and have enjoyed your blogs so very much. The fun news is that our hopeful move will be to Willamette, of all places! So..goodness, we might be neighbors comes 2012! Hugs, Jenni