Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Happy Earth Day!

On this fine & non-rainy day, I am Thankful for Earth Day and a husband that has helped me become much more aware of my carbon footprint.

Pre-hubby days, I wasn't completely non-earth friendly, I was just lazy and choose to live in ignorant bliss. I lived in the burbs and they have curbside recycling there..but I didn't go out of my way to recycle. I was too busy working in office space hell and admiring my pretty pretty (but non-fuel efficient) car.

After I met my husband and began to really reconsider the things I had once held important, I realized that I was wasteful and neglectful of resources, including how I managed my own finances.

Hubby has taught me to recycle everything. Everything!!! and we don't have curbside recycling out here in the boonies. We wash out and sort all glass, cardboard and plastics, then place them in bins that we monthly drive into town and recycle.
Next step is to improve our composting.We've done all the 'green' things around the house, new light bulbs, digital thermostat, yada yada yada...but the biggest thing we've done (and's not always by choice...more like...necessity) is that we don't live in a big house. Heating 1200 sq ft instead of 24oo sq ft is a huge difference. So while I moan and groan that I'd like a little more space, the truth is..I really don't need it.

Even my son's favorite cartoon show 'Bob the Builder' preaches the 'reduce reuse recycle' mantra. I love it!For my family, Earth Day is all about values. I am content that we are not using more than we need. I have no doubt that my husband will find new ways for us to reduce our carbon footprint (he's dreaming of solar panels) and I'm proud of him for that and thankful I have a chance to participate.

Here's a link to a great article posted on Newsweek about what more we need to do to make an impact on our environment.

Cheers, Jenni DutchTouchBeads


  1. I, like you, have been late getting into the game. I appreciate the impact of one person making it valuable and changing my views.

    Great post and reminder to keep learning and improving!

  2. Hey Jenni, nice post. I looked into solar panels but it is still very expensive and wouldn't be cost effective for us at this point. We have always been big on recycling and I would drag the kids to the one and only recycling location in the Vancouver area before curb side started.

    I have to admit I do drive a gas guzzler but for my sins I compensate by not driving very often :)

    It was really nice to drive through Rainier on 30 last week, seems very cute, I usually drive to the coast on 26.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  3. Oh I would so like to have solar panels, but they are pricey. Maybe someday. :)

  4. Yah, we are just in 'dream' phase of solar panels..someday!