Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Showers....

It's been a soggy month of April here in the Pacific Northwest. Do April showers really bring May flowers? My beautifully blooming clematis thinks so....

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Cheers, Jenni DutchTouchBeads


  1. Very Pretty :)

    I hope so!

    I have managed to break 2 of my Fav. umbrellas this month, already :( T.

  2. Oh WOW! I'd love to have some of those in my garden. I love your arbor. I think we need more rain here in Texas, but that's just me!

  3. Beautiful flowers. I can't wait to plant some pretty flowers next week. I'm behind in my gardening this spring. :/

  4. oh pretty! and a lovely reward for enduring all the rain in this area! love the trellis too. ;)

  5. Your clematis is BEAUTIFUL! I love that vibrant color! How can you not smile when you look out your window and see your beautifully blooming arbor?!?!

    Have a terrific week! :)