Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Giveaway!

Goody Goody it's giveaway time again! This month I've got a real treat of you! In preparation for bright, warm sunny days, let's celebrate with something red!

I'll be giving away a pair of Sunburst Earrings on Monday, May 3rd. To enter, be a follower of my blog and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite springtime flower.

I look forward to reading about your favorite blooms!

Cheers ~ Jenni DutchTouchBeads


  1. Hey Jenni! These earrings remind me of Jolly Rancher Candy! The red cherry hard candies were a highlight of my youth! LOL

    I like so many spring flowers, but my favorites have to be tulips! I love when you see a huge patch of them in all different colors.

    Hope you have a terrific week! :)


  2. Those earrings are just gorgeous!! Beautiful color and everything. =)

    I love the iris... I tried growing them one year and I think a couple came up, but I'm not the most successful at gardening. =/

  3. Well, I am a daffodil girl, love, love, love them. After that, I cannot wait for the fuscias and hydrendga's (sp?) - your flowers are popping up! All I have still are those blue bells, which are everywhere but beautiful.

  4. Just love the tulips. Need to get some planted for next spring. Sony