Sunday, March 14, 2010

Northern Lights

I've had a yen to see the Aurora Borealis for a long time and I have yet to make it up north to see them. Instead, I've been beading! (go figure ;) and was inspired by some pictures I ran across recently of the incredible beauty of the northern lights.

Here's what I dreamed up:

Northern lights Double Strand Necklace

I'm in awe of the range of color and contrasts you can find in Czech pressed glass beads.

And to finish off the look, Earrings to match.

It's very satisfying to have inspiration from natural wonders of the world and to be able to express it through this art form (and the supplies on hand ;).

Wishing All A Great Week! ~ Jenni DutchTouchBeads


  1. Oh Jenni those little beads just glisten with colour. Gorgeous, again another fantastic piece. Have a wonderful day, T.

  2. pretty... and great inspiration too. I would love to see the norther lights one day too... a bit of a trek north still.. but will make it there one day! ;)