Monday, February 8, 2010

Kreativ Award :)

Many thanx to my blogging pal T @ PoppyPlace for giving me a fun little blogging award last week.
I'm suppose to tell you seven things about myself that you likely don't know and then pass on the award to honor seven fellow bloggers that I enjoy reading. goes:

1) I just started texting on my cell phone 2 months ago. Good grief..I know! I'm like your typical, technology driven Gen X-er..except for the texting. Too many other things to do! So..I'm trying to get with it.

2) I am still good friends with the very first friend I made at age 4.

3) My dog is a rescue dog whom I named 'Becks' after my L'Amour David Beckham.

4) I hate pickles.

5) I was on the speech team in high school and went to the state competition for poetry reading.

6) I love mythology.

7) I am a soccer fanatic.

There, don't you feel enlightened? Ha! Alright, I'm going to pass along this award to a few bloggers that I truly enjoy reading and encourage you to check out their blogs!

1) Studio M.M.E Blog Megan is always delighting her audience with her beautiful illustrations and daily adventures.

2) Cabin + Cub Val has great photos and stories about her work and everyday life in Vancouver B.C. (and I know she's already won this award from T@PoppyPlace..but I have to mention her too!)

3) Cappy Sue Creations blogging pal Cappy is wonderful downright honest. She leaves me in stitches some days and tears on others. I love her gratitude Wednesday posts.

4) Dutch - Blue
5) Dutch - Colors Sisters Corry and Heleen of the Netherlands (Holland people!) delight me with their fantastic photos and beautiful fabric creations.

6) Knock Knocking I'm not sure anyone could be as cute as Agnes with all her darling creations..the girl needs her own home decor magazine! I love her pics and narratives..very inspirational!

7) Icky Dog Creations yeah...she's a little off the beaten path but I give this hardworking nurse and creator of all things icky props for being about as creative as anyone out there. Great humor!

So that's it till next time folks..hope you enjoyed and swing by some of these lovely bloggers!
Cheers ~ Jenni DutchTouchBeads


  1. Congrats on the award! I got one from T too :) It made my day!

    I LOVE pickles. LOVE THEM I can actually chug pickle juice from an empty jar (and enjoy it, of course)

  2. Erica ~ I am so can attest to having seen me actually cut off a piece of sandwich that was infected with pickle juice!

  3. Hey Jenni, I am so with you on the pickle thing, never understood that one (sorry Erica :)

    So your Father in Law lives in West Linn? What a small world :)

    Have a wonderful Day, regards, T.

  4. Awwww. thanks for passing on the award! And so cool to find out more things about you.. pickles? really? ;)