Friday, December 18, 2009

Czech Pressed Glass Beads

I was delighted to be asked by to sample some of their glass beads. I ventured into some styles of Czech glass picasso beads that I had admired before but had not previously tried. I love working with contrasting colors. And if I can work with something that could lend a vintage feel..all the more fun.

Here's a few pics of my most recent earring creations.

Aquamarine Opal w/ picasso & Mocha Brown Swarovski crystals
Green Turquoise w/ picasso & Smokey Topaz crystals
Brown Mix w/ Blue picasso & Aquamarine Swarovski crystals (you get first peek at this's not in my Etsy shop yet!) Look how the blue shimmers, just like real opals!
I enjoyed browsing was hard to pick out which glass beads I wanted to sample! Right now they are running a 25% off glass beads promotion. I must admit, the picasso finish on these lovely beads was really fantastic for color contrasting and to lend a sophisticated, but can I say..rustic? finish.

Well, I enjoyed myself and thank you to my friends at for letting me sample their pretty beads.

Happy Beading! Jenni ~ DutchTouchBeads

* provided beads for me to sample, no payment for sampling their product was provided.


  1. Hi Jenni, your earring designs are gorgeous :) What fun to be able to try out new beads. I love the swirl of colours and the combinations :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  2. Those are so gorgeous, wow! Love love love the colors!! :)

  3. great work! i love the green ones!

  4. love the colors!! esp. the green ones!!

  5. Hi Jenni, I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Happy Christmas :)

    Regards, T. :)

  6. beautiful beads .. wow love them ..