Thursday, November 12, 2009

Team Trade-A-Holics!

So, here's a little shout out to this fab and fun bunch of Etsy sellers.
I was so lonely for a long time on Etsy..I would read those lovely Etsy 'featured seller' articles on the Stork blog and I swear, each featured artist would mention how it was such a good experience to be part of an 'Etsy Team'. Well, I tried and I tried to join up..but they were full, they didn't catch my drift.
Then, I happened upon Team Trade A-holic via one of their crazy trading sales in the promotions forums and found myself a home.
I've participated in a few of their trading frenzies now and have had an awesome experience. We are gearing up for our 'Pre-Black Friday' sale be on the look out for some stellar $10 deals..I know I'm already getting some inventory primed and ready for our big weekend sale!

Thanks Team Trade A-Holics ~ it really is fun to be a part of an Etsy Team!

To find us ~ on this hot link Trade-A-Holics

Best to All, Jenni


  1. Awesome post! I love being a member these ladies are great (and the few men we have too)