Monday, November 16, 2009

Coffee Snob?

In the Pacific Northwest, we're all about coffee. I remember back to my teen's when I swore I wouldn't get hooked. I looked down upon the way my parents seemed to 'need' it every morning. I was just so sure that I would be able to maintain a lifestyle where I didn't need anything.

[insert evil laugh from above]

I managed to get through college without a drop. Then, as fate would play out...I ended up working for the largest coffee roaster in Portland. They wanted me to sell their coffee beans. Soooo, in order to be an effective representative for the company, I needed to be able to 'speak' about the product. And then it was over. A coffee snob was born.

I raided my parents fridge, scolding them about their wicked ways of not only drinking stuff out of a tin can..but keeping it in the fridge!!! I made sure everyone in my life had access to 'great' gourmet coffee. And while I no longer work for that coffee roaster, I still lecture people about their nasty coffee habits and teach them about the importance of supporting the little guy and drinking a great cup.
So where does that leave me today? I've found a lovely small independent coffee roaster out of Packwood, Washington, whose expertly roasted and blended beans are gracing my lips as we speak, ground and brewed fresh daily.

Friends, seek out the good stuff! It's worth it!

Cheers on this wet and windy Pacific Northwest Morning!
Jenni DutchTouchBeads


  1. There is something about these colder Portland days that has me craving more coffee (I'm usually a tea drinker) so I can relate! Nice post, and go coffee! :)

  2. You can thank Jim Brazil of Cowlitz Geotechnical for always meeting me at Butter Butte when I worked in Lewis County for knowing they had good coffee.

  3. Oh P.Town's StumpTown, is everywhere Starbucks and Peet's isn't. I am more of a tea drinker, coffee makes it into my life most days though. There are some great indy coffee shops that we need to support. (Supporting indy everything :)

    Great post :0

    Regards, T. :)

  4. LOL I felt the same way, now I need a cup (or 2) every morning ;) great post!

  5. here here to coffee! vancouver is on the same wave length as seattle and portland... the city can live without it's coffee!