Monday, November 2, 2009

Adventures in Halloween

Saturday, I swear my kids had some kind of magical sugar high before it was even time to trick or treat! They were wild all day in anticipation of the big event.

It was my little girls first year hitting the neighborhood. She lasted about 5 or 6 houses..then she and I retreated back to our place to hand out the goodies. My son took my husband out for a marathon..haha! I got the easy job :) Here's some of our pics for the night:

Kids all dressed up
Waiting for it to get dark

Hope you and your family had a Happy Halloween too!
Jenni ~ DutchTouchBeads


  1. Awww, that's so cute of them waiting by the door ready to go!

  2. I love the one of them looking out the door! I can still remember the magic feeling of waiting to go Trick or Treating when I was a child! The costumes are really cute!

  3. Oh How Adorable! I miss those days. But all my "kids" dressed up and partied at college so they sent photos and I got to enjoy the little kids in the neighbourhood who came to trick or treat at our house :)

    Have a great day! Regards, T.