Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Loveliest Blog Awards

I received this nice little recognition from Mami Made It, blogging away in Vienna, Austria. I'll keep this appreciative spirit alive by selecting 10 blogs that I follow, all of whom deserve a little shout out today!
There are some 'rules' of how to keep it going..but I'm not feeling like following the 'rules' today. I'm just gonna give them a shout out for their excellent blog posts, great pics and cute set up!
Here's my list:

1) Poppy Place PDX
2) Cabin + Cub
3) Studio M.M.E
4) Knock Knocking
5) Aurora Rose
6) Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder
7) Knotted Nest
8) Bonzai Beadwear
9) Cappy Sue Creations
10)Dutch Blue

If you haven't checked out these bloggers..I suggest you pop on by. A great group of gals who in my humble opinion offer wonderful tips, feature posts and great pics! Kudos to you all and you do not have to pass the award on (see I'm really breaking the rules!)
Cheers All! Jenni


  1. Hey Jenni, Thank you soooo much, this means a great deal to me because it is from someone I feel truly appreciates my work. :)

    It is totally OK to break the rules :)

    Sometimes we just have too! It gets too exhausting to do everything!

    Have a great day! Regards, T.

  2. Thanks so much for the award! How exciting! :)
    And congrats to you as well for receiving it!

  3. Thanks so much Jenni! I agree...rules really are only guidelines!