Monday, August 10, 2009

Who is that Girl behind DutchTouchBeads & Give Away

Happy Monday Blogger World!

I am always interested when other blog authors share little tidbits about themselves, so I thought I would follow suit and take you into my little corner of the world. At the end of the story, be sure to enter your guess for my earring give-away!

I'm an Oregon Native (but not the backwoods red-neck kind...err, wait, did sorta grow up that way shooting black powder rifles with my dad). It was through black powder that I actually fell in love with beads.

Ok, so they say you know you're a red neck if you're from the South and your Daddy participates in Civil War reenactments..well, it's no different here in the Pacific NW...except your Daddy participates in old West Mountain Man 'Rendezvous' reenactments. really. So, as a kid, I had no choice but to tag along into the wacky world of make believe Mountain men and Indians.

I learned to load and accurately fire black power rifles, set old fashioned barbaric metal traps in a ice cold creek and accurately throw a Tommy-hawk for competition. Not to boast but generally, I was a better shot than nearly all the boys in my age group and often claimed first prize in the overall competitions. I did it all in a damn Laura Ingalls styled prairie dress.

But, back to the BEADS! So, the one part about this crazy upbringing was at these 'Rendezvous' many 'traders' would set up shop and sell their wears. There were many artists but the Bead Traders were my favorite. All year I would save up money for Rendezvous time and it was there I would shop their deer pelt displays to pick out new beads. I would haggle and barter and generally win out as who could resist my beautiful toe-headed charm??

When I got a little bit older, I started to use my fascination about beads to provide material for research projects at school. I was amazed at how beads like Chevrons were hand rolled.
My favorite possession from those days is a strand of 4mm old cobalt blue glass beads. I still have them and use them in creations for myself.

While is was an odd way to spend the summers, camping in a tee-pee and playing 'Mountain Girl' was a defining way to grow up. I suspect my ability to work with the rough-around the edges folk I serve in my Social Services job is a reflection of having had exposure to this lot before and recognizing all their amazing and unique talents regardless of literacy levels ;)

So here's my giveaway! One of the important parts of these crazy 'Rendezvous' was when you were old enough, you were given an 'Indian Name' (you have no idea how much I am laughing as I write this because I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous). So, what was mine? Here's a Dad was called 'Scream'n Eagle'.

Best guess will win a pair of earrings from my Alfresco Aqua Blue Collection.

Cheers, Jenni!

P.S. Here's picture of my and my little girl from picking pumpkins last fall (see, I did turn out ok despite all the tee-pees and Tommy-hawks ;)


  1. awwww.. your little girl is too cute! great to know more about the girl behind the beads ;)

  2. What a great pic and your daughter is adorable!! Im gonna guess your Indian name was Little Baby Bird? lol