Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shout Out to 'Studio Sub'

This week featured Etsian is 'Studio Sub' straight from the colorful streets of Stockholm!

I have purchased banners, avatars and business card designs for both of my etsy shops from Olle @ Studio Sub.

His customer service has been exceptional. I have nothing but glowing reviews for his professionalism and timely turn-around for product received.

Stop by and take a peek at his banner sets.
Here are a few of my favs of his current designs:


  1. I love the middle one you have posted!! Off to check out his shop! Need a fall banner for my etsy shop.

  2. My timing isn't so great...I see he's got a notice posted that he's on vacation..but do check him out upon his return..great prices and cute designs!

  3. very pretty! i especially like the brown one!

  4. Nice banners. It's great to have this recommendation, I'll keep it in mind when I decide to do a banner.