Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next Adventures for DutchTouchBeads......going Bridal??

I love working with pearls of all shapes and sizes. Pearls bring me great comfort and connection to the soothing rhythm of the ocean. I appreciate how pearls can be dyed and carry such vivid colors.

The next evolution for DutchTouchBeads is 'DutchTouchBridalShop'. It is my intention to open my second shop this weekend and focus solely on pearl and crystal handmade jewelry.

Here is a sample of what I will be offering.

I've already had some custom Bridal orders on DutchTouchBeads. I'd like to be a shop that offers 'off beat' pearl designs.

All you can do is try..right? Wish me luck! ( camera has arrived!! now I just need to read the manual!)


  1. great idea with the bridal necklaces... i had such a hard time finding accessories when we got married three years ago! ;)

    also, thanks for voting for my collage yesterday! ;)

  2. Beautiful necklace Jenni!

    P.S. Thanks for leaving a comment on my flowerbed story. :~)

  3. thanks guys! I appreciate your comments! See you soon in bloggerland!