Monday, August 31, 2009

Mommy Meltdown

Most of us Moms have that day, every once in a while,'s just too much. We usually hold it together, juggling the kids, the 'day' job, the 'etsy' job, cooking, laundry, kids, husbands..etc etc..but every once and awhile..a Mommy Meltdown occurs.

I had one Sunday morning.

Looking back, it was really quite silly, but apparently the bucket of patience and temperance was empty. I woke up after having slept in a tad and was much in need of coffee. I had a list of things to before 11am because the In-Laws were coming over and prep..grating all the zucchini & putting pre-measured amounts in the freezer bags..needed to be done (my MIL had graciously brought me nearly 10 large zucchinis from our family garden...oh..a few weeks prior and they were STILL sitting...untouched..oy) needless to say, I had a lot to do in a few hours time.

I went into the bathroom to clean up, brush my hair, teeth etc...and my expensive hairbrush was missing.

We have just one little bathroom, so it's a busy place. Apparently in 1924, the year the home was built, folks didn't spend a lot of time in bathrooms. My dear children ages 3.5 and 2, like to hang out and talk to Mommy when I get ready for work and the like. Lately my nearly 2 yr old little girl has been taking Mommy's things and disappearing with them. When the path of Mommyhood came a calling..I realized that it wouldn't be about me..for a long long time. Therefore, the few nice little my hairbrush, were quite dear, as they had to last!

Ok..I was staying calm, just needed to find the hairbrush. After 20 mins...still not located. Then the DH say's...geez, I thought it was weird that I had to use the plunger on the toilet in the middle of the night. (TMI sorry) GASP! WHAT??? So, it's fair to say that set me off. The clever man at that point grabbed my hat and said "here, put on your hat, go to Starbucks, go to Target and buy a new hairbrush". The fact that my really nice hairbrush actually got flushed down the toilet in the middle of the night was still shocking my system.

I grabbed my keys and left. Many of you know that it's not good to go shopping when you're in this type of mood. Fair to say I came back with more than a hairbrush.

None of the 'to do list' before relatives came a call'n was finished either. I really had a lovely time wandering Target by myself ;)

Upon my return home, my little boy found the hairbrush, dropped likely by my little girl in her attempts to do what Mommy does.The good news is...I now have an extra hairbrush.


  1. Oh... sounds like you need a pampering day! And now you have a back-up brush! ;)

  2. I can hairbrush once delayed a flight out of New York when the security checkers were amazed at the hugeness of it and had to 'share'.

  3. Haha, lovely! I agree... sometimes wandering around Target is the best therapy. :)

  4. This is like every day for me! Glad to know I am in good company!

  5. I love when the DH says "Go Shopping!" It's the best two words that come out of his mouth! (Besides the three "I Love You" of course!) LOL!

  6. Per my co-worker Karin..this is now being referred to as the 'hairbrush incident' lol

  7. You mean I just have to "lose my hairbrush" and my husband will say "go shopping?" Brilliant!

  8. OH! My heart skipped a beat when I got to the toilet part! I really hate breaking in a new brush. Glad you found it -- and that you got a little mommy time at Target. Does wonders, doesn't it?

  9. In the moment we are freaked but then we can laugh, the joys of parenting! :) Awesome story.

    Regards, T.