Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fresh Summer Rain

It is a relief for this Pacific Northwest native to wake up to the sound of soft rainfall. The sweet smell of rain on the parched plants....how delightful. It may be a little odd to some, but I miss the rain in the summertime. I miss the cozy soft gray mornings with low hanging clouds that quietly weave through the hilltops. I miss the muted light that seems to brighten the evergreen trees. I love thick, warm, hand knitted sweaters with a hot beverage in hand...sigh.

I should be living in Alaska.

If I were home working in my studio today, I would be motivated to work on my fall inventory! I'm already inspired by the native Vine Maples as they begin to turn color. They are one of the few native trees that will turn a scarlet red here.
Cheers to you all on this fine, damp summer morning.


  1. Love the photo! I love the rain as long as it is followed by sun or cloud... so summer rain is usually really nice. It's the long non-stop rainy months that start to wear on me though.. heehee. ;)