Thursday, August 6, 2009

Featuring Etsy Seller 'twohappystampers'!

Allow me to preface this with....I am not a paper crafty kinda gal. I couldn't cut straight in kindergarten and I still can't. Hence, I love looking for folks that make great paper crafts. So let's shine the spotlight on a recent Etsy shop find of mine:

I *heart* their use of colors, plus their shop has great gift giving idea's. You know what I mean...that friend or worse....MIL (mother in law) who has *everything*....what do you give them?

How about these thoughtful choices from 'twohappystampers':

Tea Bag Books! How delightful! Here is a personal favorite from their shop: A Steam Punk Design too!

Handmade Note Cards. So practical as we all need note cards...but to have them expertly handcrafted and not out of a box from Target? That's what I'm talk'n about! Here's a sample of their work:

And finally my third favorite thing from 'twohappystampers' is: A bright and summery note card. This is the perfect thing to mail out to a BFF! Golly, I know I'd sure like to receive one ;) lol!

I hope you enjoy my weekly featured Etsy artist selection. I sincerely delight in the works of others on Etsy.

You can find 'twohappystampers' here on Etsy: and check out their colorful blog

Cheers Everyone! Jenni


  1. Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog today! You have a wonderful day! =)

  2. very cute cards. sounds weird, but i always find cutting paper really relaxing... maybe that's why i like to collage?

  3. Cabin..I'm jealous. It stresses me out. I'd rather pull weeds. I always admire nice paper crafts :)

  4. i agree with cabin - it's relaxing! however, I could never do really structured, precise work like the paper craft you have posted on your blog. I don't have the patience for that....