Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Featuring Etsy Seller 'dutchsisters'

Again with the Dutch!

I don't think you'll be disappointed by this darling shop in the Netherlands. Two sisters are running the quaint shop of 'dutchsisters' on etsy. They sew, quilt and are pattern makers.

Their attention to fine detail reminds me of my own Dutch 'Oma'. She was born in 1925 and lived through the Nazi occupation in Holland as a teenager. My Oma was an expert seamstress, she could crochet, knit and embroider. She was very serious about detail! Her desire for excellence showed through in her work, from dusting to her fabric crafts.

So, I was delighted to see more detailed dutchies!

Here are some of my favorite selections from their shop:

Messenger Bag:
I love the faux embroidered has such vintage and handcrafted flair!

Dutch Styled Tea Cozy:
Can you get any more Dutch Color Coordinated than this? Love the blue and white theme :)

Matroushka Brooch:
What a cheerful little face to brighten any day?! I'll admit..I don't know what a Matroushka is but she's cute.

Drop by 'dutchsisters' for some Dutch Love!

Tot Ziens! Jenni


  1. All your Dutch postings are making me want to visit Holland again.. sigh (I am daydreaming about it now)... its such a pretty and fun country! ;)

  2. My family in Nunspeet keeps asking when I'm coming over...sigh..I need to make it a priority. Pretty country..great people!

  3. I love your blog design! The birdes are SO cute. I am jealous. ;)

  4. Thank you Jenni for show our shop in your post. We feel very flattered.
    Groeten, Heleen and Corry.
    p.s. love the red/ white pattern background.

  5. Hello, I wanted to leave a comment for you because I've really enjoyed having a nose around your site. You have great pictures and you write really well too.

    Thank you for sharing and best wishes, have a lovely weekend