Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some needed Critique

I ventured into the Etsy forums yesterday and found myself in a thread where you offer a critic of the shop that previously posted.

I got some very helpful feedback, granted it was stuff I already know, but its meaningful to hear it from someone else. One particular feedback was regarding the 'overwhelming' taupe background. I knew it was bad, but *cringe* didn't know it was quite that bad. Well, fair enough, I've needed to invest in a camera that can give me better close ups and now that is has arrived, I REALLY need to learn how to use it to remedy the background problem.

Etsy and selling online has been a completely uphill learning curve for me and I previously considered my self fairly tech savvy. I am learning not only how to run my own cottage industry but to also utilize tools that can help me better understand what is and what is not working. I appreciate the opportunity for other Etsy shop owners to give input regarding my shop because there is a formula as to what works and what does not. I think I'm about halfway there.

So..trucking onward! And hopefully in the next few weeks better photo's will appear to offer a better view of the great colors and designs I'm offering!

Onward and Upward!


  1. There is always sugar and sour in those threads...Its like you really appreciate the honest critism, and you can grow from it. But sometimes its hard to hear :( I've cringed too you are not alone. I think your shop is great!

  2. Bonzai, agreed! I know my shop will be ever if I could just do it full time! cheers :)

  3. Yeah, the forums can be pretty brutal sometimes! I think your stuff looks great, though I know I can relate to the whole 'needing a new camera' thing!