Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I had a great Jewelry Show over the Weekend!

First, I'm am so bummed! I forgot to snap pics of the displays! I think I need to chain the camera around my wrist because I completely forgot about snapping pics during the show.

Second, I want to send a big 'Shout Out' to my hostess Keri! She had delicious goodies and drinks ready, a great spot to display my designs and even got an extra guest to attend via a happen-chance phone call.

What made this show special for me was to have the opportunity to catch up with high school classmates. I went to H.S. with a lot of (in my opinion) great people. It is very heart warming for me to see them all happy and successful in their individual walks of life.

Of course, it is also very gratifying to have people that I admire, appreciate my creative outlet. Knowing that my friends are sporting my jewelry designs is a pretty big ego boost....I must admit.

So thanks to those of you who were able to come out or order online for the show! I appreciate your business but more than that, I really appreciated having an opportunity to come out and catch up!

Next time...pics. Doh!

Cheers, Jenni

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