Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thinking Ahead

Bridal Jewelry??

I had an old soccer mate from high school inquire about whether I could make bridal jewelry this past week. Yes, of course I can!! :) I'd forgotten about the bridal and special occasion market and it's one that I find very charming and romantic. It's easy to get inspired to design jewelry with those kinds of thoughts floating around in my head.

So, what's next for Dutch Touch Beads? Dutch Touch Bridal Shop. I am already in the process of researching materials, getting my shop address for etsy created and am the process of working with my Swedish graphic designer 'Olle' to build new banners and business card graphics.

I'm excited and am hopeful to launch this new venture in late summer to be ready for the holiday wedding season.

I'm thinking of lovely pearl and faceted glass/gemstone creations with a slash of Swarovski crystals in the mix!

Fun stuff :)

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