Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bringing my passion to life

I have found myself with a wee bit of extra time. Actually that's a lie. Through an interesting twist of fate, I find myself able to devote the needed focus and organization to launch an online store with my original jewelry designs. I do this in between changing diapers, fixing snacks, wiping noses and facilitating story time. Life is busy with two kiddos under three.
Naptime is my playtime. I love venturing back into my studio and looking out the windows to see what kind of vessels are traveling up and down the Columbia River, taking in the warm natural light. I rummage through my bead bins seeking inspiration...what will call to me today? Golden amber or plum silver foil glass rounds? A blister pearl pendant or basket weave silver spacers? I pluge in, experimenting with different materials. It feels like solving a puzzle. I want to find the right combination of color, texture and weight. I delight in the process of completing a new design.
The most challenging part of getting my little shop launched is taking the damn pictures. I didn't realize how inept I was when it came to photography. I have certainly been fumbling through this part of the process. I would appreciate any suggestions to improve the quality of my photos so that they showcase the color and care of my work better.
I have selected etsy as the platform in which to offer my wears online. While it's a risk as the competition is a mere click away, it really is a fantastic community of fellow artists. For example, I found a graphic designer in Sweden of all places from which to purchase a store banner, avitar and business card design. I love that.
So, off I launch and I hope you take a peek and let me know what you think of this new venture.

Cheers~ Jenni

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  1. Your space is so soothing and beautiful.

    You are lucky to have a view!