Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beads are Invading my Dreams

I remember my high school french teacher Madame Holeman tell me that when you finally had a dream in French...that meant you were really getting it...could the same be true for jewelry design?

I dreamed of beads last night. Crazy but true. I remember a dream with Mother of Pearl chips and Swarovski crystals. I also saw Turquoise with green and blue hues. I had a good chuckle when I woke up and remembered the dreams.

My little hobby turned business has certainly on my mind. I've spent the better part of the winter researching, creating my designs, writing descriptions, shop info - policies..taking photo's..taking more photo's cause the ones I took were ALL wrong...researching photography...haha, you can see this has been quite the adventure. I am happy with the outcome, even if it doesn't amount to much, I can say to myself that I did do it.

Maybe that is what was meant to be got? I guess I'll have to see if beads continue to visit me in my sleep.

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