Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Inspiration

The beaches off the Oregon coast are serene in winter. Often one will find them sparsely populated with still many a mild day to enjoy the sandy beaches in the comfort of quiet.

I love the soft, muted colors that winter brings the Oregon coast. Soft pinks, muted hues.

I created a soft, whimsical, ocean inspired necklace and earrings set for the winter inspiration design challenge by ArtBeads.

I choose small, soft pink, button freshwater pearls to anchor the design. I used glowing crystal copper Swarovski roundelle crystals with antiqued fluted copper beads to add intrigue and finished with a large copper pendant in a sand dollar shape.

I created a pair of matching dangle earrings with the Swarovski crystals in a larger size and am pleased with the look.

I've never worked with button pearls before and I must say, I am delighted with them. Their soft pink color is very consistent.

The deary, wet days of winter are coming to a close but in the meantime, creating jewelry always brightens my day.

Cheers, Jenni

Disclosure: I am a Blogging for Beaders partner with The above noted items were provided to me free of charge, to be used for design purposes, or for my honest review. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today on this fine Pacific NW wintry day, I am thankful that the car accident I was in yesterday was not worse.

I was driving a work vehicle and stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross on a marked crosswalk when I was hit from behind.

Needless to day, I am bit sore and sluggish today, but these things can always be worse.

I've wondered if the universe is trying to tell me something. The longer I toil away at the day job, where it seems, disaster is waiting to strike...the more I feel I may have taken the wrong path.

Ever feel that way?

The winter Heather in my garden is blooming. It's lovely isn't it?!

Wishing Everyone a lovely Thursday! Cheers, Jenni

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old Lady Perfume, A Tale to Lighten my Mood.

It's been more than a tough week in my little community. Our Chief of Police, was killed in the line of duty and in a town with 1800 residents, there's just no way you aren't affected by this. I've worked directly with our Chief in my role as a community volunteer and as a social worker in the county. I have the priveldge of working with some of his children, directly in my office and in the community as some of them serve as law enforcement officers. It's like a member of my own family has been senselessly taken from us.

So, as I was suffering the blues I created a blue inspired treasury on Etsy (I's pretty) and took a trip to the tiny mall in the neighboring town.

I'm getting low on my favorite perfume and I was set on getting more my dismay....I discovered that my longtime favorite perfume had been moved to...gasp...the old lady perfume shelf!!!! I was dumbfounded, surely this was a mistake. My dear 'Amarige' next to...'White Shoulders'? Really!? with 'Poison' poised close by? Say it ain't so!

I looked the perky teenage salesgirl next to me and said, 'let's see about finding a new scent'.

To make matters worse, I dropped by the 'Clinique' counter to see about something for these increasingly visible lines around my eyes. I turn 35 this year and it's all gone to hell.

Well, I found a new perfume, got that wrinkle cream and left the mall with my head held high. (Just don't look too close at my hairline..I'm desperately in need of a hair color job as my roots, sprinkled in gray, are showing!)

I guess this weekend needs to be dedicated to some care of the heart and clearly...body.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Clearance

It's that wonderful time of year....time to clean the closets around the house and especially the craft room! This daunting project is prompting me to make some deep mark downs on some of my jewelry items in my Etsy shop. Time make room for new pretty beads ~ hooray!

Here are some example sale items:

Big Amethyst Crystal Coin Earrings

Diamante Dark Gray Swarovski Pearl Earrings

Yarrow Fields Handmade Clay Pendant Necklace

Back to the cleaning routine! I've promised myself a tidy and organized jewelry studio by the end of the month. It may well take that long to get there!

Cheers to all! Jenni

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A look back on the past decade and thinking of dreams ahead.

Happy New Year, let the new decade begin! I find myself reflecting on the past decade, wondering where time has gone and in the end, feeling pleased with where I am as I venture into these new times.

As we rang in 2001, I was suffering the blues. I'd passed the quarter century mark to find myself divorced and my own immediate family splintered. I was working in the software industry, slaving away for some man, selling the idea of what something 'could' do and I was quite dissatisfied overall.

The following few years found me floundering in singledom, continuing to slave away in software sales and on the whole, completely ignoring the little voices in my head that reminded me I desired to step off that track and walk a different, softer path and allow myself the freedom to express my creative side.

Mid-decade, I was blessed. I found a partner for life and experienced for the first time, a romance that was fueled by friendship, laughter and love. An unselfish love. We have been blessed additionally by two darling children and a life, that is focused on family.

This next decade will challenge us to make some difficult decisions and sacrifices both professionally and financially in order to relocate and provide our children with better educational opportunities and have family close by.

I know that I have had to experience the lows in the past decade to cherish the highs..the sweetness of the life I lead now. I wouldn't change any of it; I would walk the exact same path in order to end up here, with my loved ones.

I await with eagerness at what the road ahead will bring and I cherish the moments of today.

Future plans for DutchTouchBeads includes more 'Rustic Chic' designs and a new shop, dedicated to my passion for beads and my determination to become self employed.

Wishing all of you a wonderful New Year filled with joy of all things possible!
Cheers, Jenni

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Holiday Sale!

I love putting on a sale! I love the energetic buzz on Etsy this time of year and participating in it! Here's a peek at some of the sale specials going on now!

Cyber Monday Sale with Free World Wide Shipping on all items!

Winterberries Necklace Set, reg $40, sale $32, featuring handmade beads by a Bend, Or. artist.

New Turquoise Crystal Copper Dangle Earrings
, reg $16, sale $12

Fern Leaf Focal with Black Cherry Pearls Necklace
, reg $38, sale $30

Chartreuse Squared Long Earrings, reg $12, sale $8

Such awesome deals! Have a Happy Handmade Holiday Shopping Day!
Cheers ~ Jenni DutchTouchBeads

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Break from the November Blitz of Craft Bazaars!

My family provided a much needed break from the craziness of Holiday Craft Bazaar season. The tagging, bagging and packing of all your goods, carted from bazaar to bazaar. I love it but it is exhausting.

So, to the beach we went! And a dreadfully misty day it was...but so worth it! The smell of salt air refreshed my spirit and I delighted in the silly play of my kiddos.

Feeding the seagulls is a most favorite sport.

Wishing you all a successful craft fair season :)